Simplify your deliveries . Connect with WooCommerce

Connect your WooCommerce account and create bookings from your WooCommerce orders with a single click. Follow the steps below.

Let's get started by adding your WooCommerce shop URL.


Use the same name as your WooCommerce admin URL

Log In to your Shopify account



Consumer Key

Consumer Secret

To integrate WooCommerce and import WooCommerce orders, follow the steps below to generate your API key in WooCommerce and leave the details in the form below - 

In order to import orders from your store, we need some information which can be found in your WooCommerce dashboard.

  1. From your WooCommerce dashboard, select WooCommerce > Settings.

  2. Select the Advanced tab, then select Legacy API.

  3. Select the Enable the legacy REST API checkbox, then click Save changes.

  4. Select REST API, then click Add Key.

  5. In the Description field, enter 'Starshipit Integration'.

  6. Select a user.

  7. In the Permissions menu, select Read/Write.

  8. Click Generate API key.

  9. Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Paste it in the form below. 

WooCommerce gif 3.gif